Couver $4.99

Couver Bandanas

Notes -

These 22 x 22 Cotton Print bandanas come in famious pattern Paisley or Flag. Select your favious color red, white, blue, black, camo, orange or green as you want, everything is good for gift too. You can wear them in different ways (as a headband, around your neck, at your wrist, or as a cow-boy) and pair them with everything. From men to women, children or dogs, rock your bandana of your own way

*Pricing subject to change based on partner discretion*

Details -

Unisex 100% Cotton Multi-Purpose Bandana

Washable & reusable for dust, wind, sun protection, can be worn on face, head, around the neck (use like scarves), or on the arms. Hand Wash recommended.

Product dimensions for each bandana is 22 inches L x 22 inches H(add +/- 1" tolerance for the dimension)