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CMC Jiffy Cap

The Jiffy: The Cadillac of fats! The most luxurious and non-tiring fit for your finger - The Jiffy, aka Jifoam, fat cap. Without question the most prized possession cap of its heyday. This incredibly unique and beautiful design came standard as the stock cap on Jifoam oven cleaner. Known for its ultra soft & wide spray pattern, it became a part of every serious writer's arsenal and was often treated with extra special care to extend its lifespan. The Jiffy cap works on almost all female valve systems, along with male adapters.

CMC spent a year researching and trial testing these caps to bring you the best product possible. The CMC Jiffy cap is modeled after the infamous stock cap found on Jifoam oven cleaner.

Classic caps for that nostalgic touch and feel!
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