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Air Jordan 12 Retro 'Flu Game' 2016


Everyone knows what it's like to have the flu. The last thing you want to do is get out of bed — let alone clock over 44 minutes in an NBA Finals game. But Michael Jordan isn't like the rest of us. The Bulls had just dropped two straight to the Utah Jazz and the '97 Finals were knotted at two games a piece. Game 5 wasn't just another game. Everyone expected Jordan's best... and then the news broke: Jordan was sick with the flu, and actually mortal. 

Looking frail and like he could pass out at any moment, Jordan took the court in the Jordan 12's and dropped 38 points on the Jazz. His 44 minutes were the most he would play in any of the six games during the series. The flu had tugged on Superman's cape, and he still didn't miss a beat.
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Based on Michael Jordan's 1997 NBA finals Game 5 performance