De La Soul $18.95

3 Feet High & Rising Vinyl 2LP

Notes -

DOUBLE VINYL DOMESTIC PRESS STRAIGHT FROM TOMMY BOY! The first time I ever heard 3ft. High and Rising was at Charlie's backyard ramp back when was in grade skool. Back then skaters listened to thrash/punk s*#t with some older brother rock thrown in. This record was the first hip-hop album we blasted at the ramp. Then that video popped on and these cats looked like they were from some other planet and everyone started sporting goofy looking purple sweatshirts. Prince Paul should get credit on this one. Getting real loose like socks that don't stay up (quitters). Like most of the stuff from this era, get it if you don't got it, cause you gotta know where you're coming from. Of all of the represses out there this is one of the nicest. The full album is spread over two 160 gram LPs complete with full color sleeves. Recommended.

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