Watch 'Til Infinity: Souls Of Mischief' Documentary

Souls Of Mischief has one of Hip-Hop's most indelible legacies. Now, the Bay Area crew's story is available for you to stream on YouTube. 

Til Infinity: Souls Of Mischief was originally released in 2013, but now the Shomari Smith-directed documentary is available on YouTube to stream in full. The movie features footage of the group's early days, as well as quotes from a host of Hip-Hop heavyweights, including Redman, Questlove, Rapsody, DJ Quik and the group themselves. The doc celebrates 20 years since their classic debut album, '93 Til Infinity, was released. 

Emerging out of the Hieroglyphics crew in 1993, the group (comprised of A-Plus, Pesto, Opio and Tajai) scored a hit out the gate with the single "93 Til Infinity" and drew tremendous acclaim with their album of the same name. They helped fortify the West Coast "alt-rap" scene in the 1990s, as G-Funk stormed the charts, and their success solidified the Hieroglyphics as a Hip-Hop collective. 


Watch the 93-minute Souls Of Mischief documentary below:

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