Q-Tip Confirms Megan Thee Stallion Collaboration

Megan Thee Stallion's highly-anticipated debut album Good News is slated to drop Friday, November 20th and it sounds like there's a collab with a Hip-Hop legend that fans should be on the look out for. Q-Tip appeared to confirm that he has worked with Meg on the project, though the specifics are under wraps. 

In a 2019 interview with Rap Radar, Meg talked about working with the A Tribe Called Quest frontman.

“Q-Tip is an album thing. Yeah, that’s definitely a project that I’m going to take my time — well, I take my time on all my projects — but this one is gonna have like, songs songs. Like, more depth. So, I definitely want some OG production on there.”

On Twitter, Rap Radar co-host B. Dot Miller asked Q-Tip for a confirmation. “Yo @qtiptheabstract, you still on deck for @theestallion album, #GoodNews?” he tweeted. 

"Yes! 2021" was Q-Tip's succinct response. 

Tip has raved about Meg in the past. 

“She’s just an amazing MC,” Q-Tip said last year. “She’s barred out. Some people may think her stuff is just over-sexualized, but it is her approach to it. It’s her tact with it. It is very innovative to me — especially to see a young woman like herself being in a position of standing in her power, to stand in her royalty and never let that be shaken. It was just something in her that I really love.”

You can check out Megan's appearance on Rap Radar and Q-Tip's response below:




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